Slipping, Tripping or Falling Injury

Let Us Handle Your Slip and Trip Accident Claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by the negligence of a third party, you might be eligible for compensation. Both Highways Authorities and premises occupiers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of paths and walkways, preventing potential hazards.

Due to budget constraints and the extensive maintenance required for numerous miles of pavements and footpaths, it becomes challenging to keep every walkway and building completely hazard-free. Consequently, accidents are bound to occur.

It’s important to engage a specialised solicitor who can gather the necessary information to thoroughly investigate your accident, as Highways Authorities or premises occupiers may have valid defences to your claim.

In slip, trip, or fall incidents, it is particularly crucial to promptly collect evidence regarding the cause of the accident. If possible, take photographs of the defect and its surroundings, as the defect may be repaired or modified over time.

If the accident took place in our local area, our team could visit the scene directly, saving you the hassle and inconvenience of providing your own evidence. Feel free to consult with us if you believe you have a potential claim, and we will gladly provide advice. Additionally, we may be able to assist in arranging rehabilitation for your injuries.

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