Industrial Disease

Life-Changing Illnesses from Workplace Hazards ?

Exposure to various work environment conditions can have severe consequences, leading to life-changing illnesses. Employers have a legal obligation to eliminate or minimise hazards that jeopardise the health of their employees or visitors. These hazards encompass a wide range, including asbestos, noise, dust, chemicals, and tool-induced vibrations.

Industrial diseases often exhibit delayed symptoms, emerging months or even years after the initial exposure. This delayed onset poses challenges when investigating or pursuing a claim. In some instances, employers may have ceased operations or relocated, making it essential to engage a solicitor experienced in handling industrial disease cases. They can work towards identifying and tracing the insurers of the responsible companies involved in your exposure.

As soon as you become aware that your symptoms may be attributed to your past or current exposure, seeking legal advice becomes crucial. Time limits apply to filing a claim and determining when the countdown begins can be particularly intricate in industrial disease cases.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to hazardous substances during your employment, whether presently or in the past, and are now experiencing symptoms potentially linked to that exposure, we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation, free initial meeting with us. Our team is here to provide the guidance and support you need.

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