No Win No Fee Claim Process

Our Process

No two claims are identical, making it challenging to determine the exact duration of your claim. Typically, the claim process involves six stages:

Interview and Funding Arrangement
We will arrange a meeting with one of our Partners to discuss your accident details and symptoms. The more information you provide, such as vehicle details, photographs, and witness accounts, the better we can evaluate the merits of your claim. After the meeting, we will send you a “no win, no fee” agreement and other compliance documents. If you have any questions or need further explanation, our team is always available to assist you.
Submitting Your Claim
For most claims, we use an online system called the Portal to submit your claim. However, certain claims, such as those exceeding £25,000 or involving serious injuries, head injuries, medical negligence, or industrial diseases, don’t fall under the Portal scheme. In such cases, we write a letter of claim to your opponent, providing details of the accident and injury, and await their response.
Response Waiting Period
Under the Portal process, opponents have a specific timeframe to respond to the claim, ranging from 15 to 40 working days depending on the accident type. During our meeting, we will inform you of the estimated timescale for your claim. If your opponent fails to respond within the prescribed timeframe, we can remove your claim from the Portal process. If your opponent continues to ignore or deny responsibility, the next step is to consider initiating Court proceedings. For claims commenced with a letter of claim, opponents typically have up to three months to respond, or longer in medical negligence cases.
Obtaining Medical Evidence
To determine the value of your injury, expert medical opinion is crucial. We will arrange for you to be assessed by a suitable medical expert who will provide a report on your symptoms, opinions, and treatment recommendations. Whenever possible, we try to find an expert near your location, although you may need to travel if no local specialist is available. The quality of the medical report is vital as it forms the basis for valuing your claim. In some instances, multiple expert reports may be necessary. Before your assessment, we may require your authorisation to obtain your medical records. If you’re undergoing ongoing treatment, we might advise delaying the report until your treatment concludes, allowing the expert to evaluate its effectiveness.
Valuing Your Claim
Once we have the final medical evidence, including a prognosis for your injury, we can assess the value of your claim. Valuing an injury is not always straightforward, and we often provide a valuation range. Compensation comprises two components: general damages and special damages. For detailed information on how compensation is calculated, please refer to the “What is my Claim Worth” Frequently Asked
Settlement Negotiations
After valuing your claim, we will provide advice on presenting a settlement offer to your opponent. If your opponent accepts responsibility, we negotiate a mutually agreeable figure. Throughout the process, we offer professional guidance on whether an offer is fair or too low. In cases where your opponent denies responsibility, they may still be willing to settle to avoid Court proceedings. However, their offer may significantly undervalue your claim. Alternatively, your opponent may refuse to make any offers, prompting us to advise you on whether to proceed with Court proceedings. In some instances, opponents may make a settlement offer after a claim is issued to prevent the case from going to Court.

Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation initial meeting to discuss your potential claim further. We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, ensuring you don’t bear any financial risk.