Accidents at Work

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If you experience a workplace accident where someone else is at fault, you may be eligible for compensation. Whether it’s due to your employer’s negligence, a co-worker’s actions, or another company or sub-contractor at your workplace, you have the right to make a claim, even if you’re self-employed.

If your injury forces you to take time off work, we can assist you in obtaining an interim payment to alleviate financial concerns and cover medical expenses.

Workplace accident claims can range from straightforward cases to more complex situations where proving liability may be challenging. In any scenario, we offer expert advice on the potential success of your case.

Acting promptly after the accident is crucial. Gathering evidence immediately after the incident makes investigating your claim easier.

Clients sometimes hesitate to file a claim against their employer, especially if they plan to return to work after recovery. In most cases, your employer carries insurance specifically designed to handle such claims. Therefore, our primary communication is often with the insurance company or their solicitor, minimising contact with your actual employer.

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