Accidents at work

If you have an accident at work and it can be proved that someone else is at fault, you may be entitled to compensation. The negligence can be caused by your employer, a fellow employee or another company or sub contractor at your place of work. You could have a claim, even if you are self employed.

If your injury causes you to have to take time off work, we may also be able to help you to obtain an interim payment to ease any financial worries or to cover healthcare costs.

Accident at work claims can vary from being clear cut to more complex, where liability may be difficult to prove. In all cases, we can advise you on the likely success of your case.

It is often important to speak to us as soon after the accident as possible. Investigating your claim is often easier when evidence can be gathered immediately after the event.

Sometimes clients are concerned about bringing a claim against an employer, particularly if they wish to return to work when they have recovered. In most cases, your employer will have the benefit of an insurance policy which is in place to cover these types of claims. Therefore, we often make very little contact with your actual employer and most of our contact is with the insurance company or their solicitor.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation free initial meeting where we can discuss your potential claim with you.

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